Foundations II: Defending the Faith

After the completion of Foundations I, it became readily apparent that Christians were not able to defend their faith according to the Biblical injunction (1 Pet 3:15). Numerous studies reveal that many people in churches today don’t know what the doctrinal statement of their church proclaims and if they do know its contents, they don’t know why it should be believed instead of the many other worldviews in existence today. In the places the Lord has taken VMI, we have found that this problem is the same worldwide. When we cannot defend what we believe, we are open to believe anything. Biblical apologetics (defending the faith) explained in simple principles is sorely needed. This study has been requested everywhere we have been.

Foundations II was developed over the course of a decade, field testing the various chapters in different locales, seeking to make it as understandable and teachable as possible. Still, it requires some diligent study to be incorporated into the soul. There are over 1,000 Scripture references to substantiate the conclusions.

This book starts with the question of the ultimate beginning of all things. Was it someone or something? Then analyzes the reasons for that decision. It is reasonable to proceed with the fact that Someone must have been the ultimate cause. This decision should lead one to ask some other key questions like, “Which one?” “Would the creator reveal himself?” “Would the revelation be perfect or flawed?” “It this revelation reliable?” If a person believes that everything and everyone in the universe is just a matter of chance and not design, it provides answers to these questions, but they are unreasonable when critically analyzed.

Like Foundations I , which is in an outline format, so is Foundations II: Defending the Faith. It is designed in a simple structure that is easy to read and study. May the Lord bless you as you “study to show yourself approved unto God” (2 Tim 2:15).

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