Essentials: Bible Study Keys

Essentials is an introduction to the Bible and principles of Bible study. It is a great tool for young believers just beginning their study of the Word of God. It works well in small groups, or even neighborhood home Bible studies.

The idea was developed after a suggestion from a ministry partner that provides Bibles to various people groups in their own languages around the world. Most of the translations of the Bible were done almost two centuries ago. William Carey for example did multiple languages of India in the 1800’s. These Bible translations have no footnotes, cross-references or introductions to the various books of the Bible. The indigenous peoples therefore often do not know when a book was written, who wrote it or what the events were that led to the writing. The result was often innocent misinterpretations that were a result of a lack of information.

Essentials is a simple introduction to the Bible including the authors, dates and overviews of the Scripture. Also in the publication is the explanation of Bible study principles that have been developed over the course of time. This publication enables the student to have some guidelines so that they may “handle accurately the Word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

Essentials is being printed and freely given worldwide. The first year alone produced over 30,000 printed in various languages for insertion into native language Bibles. It is exciting to watch what the Lord is doing with this pamphlet.

If you would like to receive a free copy of Essentials in English please contact [email protected] or click here to download an English version of Essentials.

For Essentials in your language please see our “Languages” tab for a free downloadable version.